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Christmas 2001 Special Release!

This was our Christmas 2001 special release and it is a gift to both the Amiga and Emulation communities. After all, it is not very often that the original author of a game creates a special package of it so many years later for the same platform. The game is in the normal ADF format and is playable on Amiga emulators.

What you find here in this package is a slightly modified original version with the copy protection intact, and a brand new recompiled version without the nasty protection bits. Also, this version not only has the English and German in-game text like the version that went to print seven years ago, it also contains a complete French translation!

...and all this comes for free!

To download the game, just click on the book above. To read about the background of the game and some quite shocking truths about the gaming industry at the time it was developed, then take a look at the README. Please also adhere to the LICENSE AGREEMENT, whether you read it or not, by downloading or otherwise having this edition of the game you are still constrained by it. Both of these files are also contained in the game archive.

If you don’t know what CAPS is all about, please go and check our website at You may have an idea by now, that there may be some interesting people involved with CAPS... ;o)

Best wishes...

István Fábián & the rest of the CAPS team
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